2017 Simple Pricing

When we thought about managing finances for small businesses, we knew we had to provide some sense of calming to the process. Many small business owners run hectic schedules both personally and for their businesses. Our bookkeeper services are meant to bring a calming effect to the business owner. Having someone with you, watching the dollars go out and come in, can be a comforting feeling. In that spirit we have updated our pricing model to be simpler. We think it is clear and helps create the basis of an ongoing relationship. We are upfront, we are transparent, we want you to always feel our support for you and your business. We are uber-responsive to your calls, emails and text messages. It’s because we care.

Try out our online pricing tool just to see how affordable a full-service and we mean FULL service bookkeeper can be. https://www.jrkfinancial.com/pricing/see-your-pricing-now/
Simple pricinglikea cup of tea. - 2017 Simple Pricing

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