Chromebooks can now be used with a Square reader for credit card payments

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Square is a huge deal for small businesses, as the popular credit card reader makes it easy and inexpensive to accept credit card payments. Now, Square is extending that functionality to Chromebooks.

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this week, Square now support the Chrome browser for payments on Chrome OS devices. This allows business owners to use the Square magstripe reader with a Chromebook (or an Apple computer) to accept credit card payments. Square explains:

You can take payments on an Apple computer running Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers, or on a Chromebook running a Google Chrome browser. Setup takes just a few minutes. If you already have Square Reader for magstripe, plug the reader into your computer’s audio jack, open up Virtual Terminal, follow the onscreen prompts, and start swiping cards to take payments from your computer right away.

While many businesses already use iPads for this purpose, being able to use a Chromebook even further lowers the barrier of entry, as Chromebooks can cost significantly less than an iPad. The standard fees still apply when using a Chromebook.

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