How to Install Paypal Sync for Quickbooks Online – with Step by Step Images

Paypal has a new Sync Tool for Quickbooks and it will bring over all the data we need to keep your Paypal transactions matched up in Quickbooks better than the bank feed.

Step by step instructions:

While logged into your Quickbooks account, click on this link:

Then click the blue Get App Now button:

Paypal Step 1




Then click the blue Authorize Button:

Paypal Step 2






















Then enter your Paypay credentials and Log In:

Paypal Step 3














Then click Yellow Grant Permission button:

Paypal Step 4









Then click another Blue Button:

Paypal Step 6

















Nexty nexty nexty:

Paypal Step 7








Again next:

Paypal Step 10








Almost done:

Paypal Step 11








Last Step

Paypal Step 12


So those are the basic steps to install this new app and it should reduce the amount of time you spend reconciling your Paypal account in Quickbooks. Wait you don’t reconcile your Paypal account?! Well we won’t tell anyone if you contact us secretly and we’d love to do that for you.

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