Payroll Services Manage by JRK

Affordable | Pricing beginning at $70/month + $2/employee for unlimited payrolls
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  • You can run payroll from any computer with Internet access (OR we can do everything for you, once you send us hours).
  • Setup: We do the set up for you, there’s nothing to install on your end.
  • Email Reminders: Timely email reminders remind you of all important deadlines.
  • Paycheck calculations: Instant and guaranteed accurate.
  • Direct Deposit: Included
  • Paychecks: Print instantly on blank or pre-printed check stock.
  • Tax Impounding: No tax impounding- funds stay in your bank account until the payment is due.
  • Electronic tax payments and filings: Electronic 940s, 941s, 944s, W-2s, and e-file for most states (or we provide signature-ready forms).
  • Customer Support: As your trusted advisor, we’re here to help you whenever you have a question.
  • Export: Easy data download to QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks® for Mac, Microsoft Money®, Peachtree®, and Quicken®.


Payroll Services Manage by GUSTO

Gusto is one of the best-outsourced payroll services that integrates with Quickbooks.

  • Good integration with Quickbooks
  • Employee Self Onboarding
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Moderately affordable


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