What people have to say


“Jason Koscinski is a very detail oriented financial manager that has proven strengths in process design, design efficiency, and adaptability. I had the pleasure of working closely with Jason as the Valley Family Church grew exponentially in size and complexity. I highly recommend Jason Koscinski’s work.” Kip C. Miller, CTP, MBA

“Jason Koscinski is a highly motivated individual with high ethics and a lot of business savvy. Jason is a very honest person and I would recommend Jason’s services to anyone.” Attorney Shaun Willis

“Before our meeting today, I had talked myself into what I thought was the best way through our approach to a hardware vendor. I appreciate that you didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but what you believed was the best model for our needs and the future. You changed the course of my thinking and our process. While it is not the easy road, I believe it is the best one. And I am reminded that this is often the case. Thank you and please keep challenging us. It is helpful.” – D Kirby – Kalamazoo, MI

“Jason has been working with the Valley of Grand Rapids AASR for over a year. He helped us set up our QuickBooks system and is an excellent resource! I highly recommend his service!” – C. Ingersoll – Grand Rapids, MI

“It’s been our pleasure to have worked with Jason

Jason and his team have done an exceptional job for my bookkeeping and accounting for my small business. Their attention to detail, promptness, and thoroughness are the best I’ve seen from anybody. – Phil K – Chicago

JRK goes out of their way to make sure my company is up to date on everything. I would highly recommend using JRK! – Mark N.

Koscinski for five years. He brought fresh ideas and an innovative approach that helped to take our organization to the next level. Jason is someone who can come alongside and help you achieve greater efficiencies and best practices in terms of leveraging the latest technologies. We highly recommend his services.” – Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor – Kalamazoo, MI

Jason and his team at JRK Financial are easy to work with, they have experience, expertise on top of that they are friendly in a word AWESOME! By outsourcing our Churches day to day bookkeeping to JRK Financials we have reduced stress, saved time, money and increased the accountability of our finances. Partnering with Jason and his team at JRK Financial is one of the best decisions you can make. Marty B


“I have known and worked with Jason Koscinski for many years. He can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any nonprofit or business. If you are looking to get started or take a step up in your organization Jason can help you do this. Every organization is looking for someone they can trust to help them do the things they cannot do or do not have the time to do. From simple accounting, reporting to new technologies and websites Jason can bring your organization the expertise and help you need.” – John Grunewald, Grunewald Ministries/RHEMA Europe – Bonn, Germany

“Jason’s ability to create ideas and solutions for any business is outstanding. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jason for years, his “go getter” attitude partnered with his honest and ethical behavior are just some of the reasons I would chose to partner with him again. Jason has the ability to connect with people and truly learn what their needs are. Once he learns this, he is driven to make sure he delivers a positive working solution for you and your team.” — Susie Olivarez, Human Resource Consultant

“It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Jason Koscinski. Over the years I have found Jason to be a great friend and a man of sound character and integrity. Even under the pressure he can be counted on to deliver on his word…. and I have no reservation in giving him my warmest recommendation.” — Ron Martin, Founder, Salt Ministries

“Jason was great to work with and always offered sound, wise advice in relation to finances. He’s great at listening to your story and giving you the correct advice for what you need. Jason is a very sharp, easy going and creative individual for being in the field that he is. I would highly recommend his services.”— Stephen Ferris, Graphic Design Coordinator

“Jason is definitely a go-getter and loves to embrace and utilize new technologies to enhance efficiency and simplify system management. Jason has a great way of presenting new ideas and getting others on board with new ways of doing things which can be difficult to do. He is a pleasure to work with!” — Frank Misak, Network Architect, Herman Miller,

“I’ve known Jason for many years personally and have worked with him professionally. He has the utmost integrity and is a pleasure to co-workers and clients. I would recommend him without hesitation!” — Jen Anderson, Account Manager, Codeworks, Inc.

“Jason is a great guy to work with. He is friendly, approachable, a quick responder, and really gets things done in a timely and efficient manner despite his many undertakings.” — David Sparks, Google Trusted Photographer, Google Business Photos

“Jason is a great detail-oriented thinker with a strong background in IT. He was instrumental in transitioning our organization to a Google-based platform with a greater emphasis on collaboration within departments and within the organization as a whole. During the transitional process, Jason led a task force comprised of individuals from multiple divisions of which I had the opportunity to participate. He did a phenomenal job teaching and leading the group and encouraging us to find specific ways that Google could be integrated into our current processes and systems.” — Brooke Hovenkamp, Willis Law, Kalamazoo, MI

“Jason has always found ways to strategically streamline processes so that it works efficiently with intersecting departments. His keen eye in finances and processes increased synergy in the company we worked in. Also, his ability to unite volunteers around a common goal was an incredible gift to our organization.” — Cindy Barber, Tulsa, OK

“Working with Jason, you understand that he understands where business and technology meet and how to use technology to gain efficiencies and work smarter.” — Chad Milom, Partner, Accounting and Assurance, LBMC

“Jason is a strategic, focused and disciplined CFO. He has impacted our organization in major ways beyond financial reporting to IT, website consulting and social media. I highly endorse JRK Consulting as a small-medium business partner who will grow with and for you.” — Ken Otte, Director, Solutions Marketing Group, Inc.

“Jason demonstrated a strong work ethic, resourcefulness, diligence and a drive to exceed clients expectations. He also proved he had deep knowledge and expertise and approached his work with a ‘can do’ attitude.” — Frances Strickland, Director, Human Resources, NA Product Supply, SC Johnson