Talking about what?

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Have you considered trying to talk thru the situation? Crazy bosses. Power or Words Links:

IQ, EQ & CQ = Quality Leadership

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Bill Gates – Android User. Nuff said. Brad Smith – 2 traps leaders fall into 21 Qualities of Outstanding Bosses Links: Bill Gates now uses an Android phone, has no interest in an iPhone

Chicago Office

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Today spent the day working from Chicago office.        Not too shabby eh?It’s a Wework office space that lease in Chicago. Really nice place and perfect for our entry in Chicago market for Small Business and Nonprofit Bookkeeping. 

Change? Steps to your business success.

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An update from our industry: Looking into the new year? Realizing you could have done better financially in 2015? Time for a change? #hireabookkeeper. Businesses that have a bookkeeper are 89% more likely to succeed.

QuickBooks Connect, San José, CA

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We just finished a great week in San Jose at Intuits campus. Participated in a QBO UI Mashup with other Council Members. 10.25 run through Redwood forest. Wonderful dinners and connecting with Global Cloud Accountants from UK, Australia, India, Brazil … Read More

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