Bookkeeping, Payroll, eCommerce and Cashflow Services

If you have bookkeeping headaches, tired of balancing the checkbook each month, needing help keeping your Quickbooks file organized than consider hiring a professional bookkeeping service. Saving your business time and money.

JRK Financial provides remote bookkeeping services for small business and nonprofits focusing on cloud software technologies therefore consistently reduce overhead costs. JRK covers the complete cycle of financial from book to tax: budgeting, payroll, fund management, job costing, KPI metrics, client portal and more. JRK exclusively operates in Quickbooks Online and the best technology partners for payroll, time-tracking, receipts management, accounts payable, accounts receivable. JRK partners with Intuit, Google, Tsheets, Receipt-Bank and other cloud-based Softwares.


Reduce Overhead Expenses

Reduce your overhead expenditures and avoid paying employees to do your bookkeeping. We'll systematize your tasks keeping your business or nonprofit financially regular. Our clients are churches, landscapers, restaurants, law firms, charities, e-commerce website businesses, retail and more.


Tax Ready

Consistent bookkeeping makes you "Tax Ready", saving you and your accountant lots of time!

Cash Flow

Learn how to capture profits and manage operating and tax budgets more effectively


Online sales are great! We can map that data to your Quickbooks and remove that old manual entry work.


See our recommendations for running accurate and affordable payroll.


Does your nonprofit use Quickbooks?

Board Reports Funds Management Budgets & more!


Have a feeling that you're not operating as efficiently as you ought?

JRK provides on-site consulting and process change assessments. Like we actually watch how your people work and the communications between employees, department's, etc. We don't just show you what's wrong, we fix things.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Review the benefits and features of outsourcing your bookkeeping needs.

We have 3 different options when it comes to service. Review our full menu to learn more.

Test Drive Quickbooks Online

Wanna see Quickbooks Online in action?

Organize your business finances in one place.

Invoice & accept payments

Control your books with robust roles & permissions.

JRK Weekly Cashflow shows you in 1 report by week (52 reports) your cash, revenues, debt, etc.

Cashflow Screenshot Demo