The 3D Printer Experience

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A new business as of 6 days ago, opened on North Clark Street in Chicago and we found it by walking by.  The store was open for business and had lots of people inside who were curious about 3D Printing, … Read More

Google Admin Panel Upgrade

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This is a very welcome piece of news from Google regarding Apps Admin Panel. We are glad to see they are investing more time on this with upgrades to better serve IT environments. Using your Google Apps Admin credentials head … Read More

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

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We have found numerous persons who are unable to easily figure out how to write a Recommendation on LinkedIn.   While it’s not obvious, it’s pretty simple and straightforward after you know where to go.  So we just put together a … Read More

Shopify now has it’s own Merchant Processing

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Our favorite e-Commerce Solution www.Shopify.com now has it’s own, built-in, merchant processing system.  This is a great addition to the Shopify experience.  The fees are not too bad.  Their website doesn’t say how long the processing takes. “how many days before … Read More

Inventory Manager 1.0 – iPhone App Enterprise

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We finished our Inventory Application for Enterprise Version 1.0. It has been built to reduce paper needs and promote data integrity for stakeholders. Deployable nationwide and scaleable for mid-large companies. www.jrkconsult.com/inventory-manager    

Church Multi-Campus Accounting

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If your church is creating Multiple Campuses you’ll want to be sure you track your income and expense by not only Departments (like you already do) but by Location as well. This will allow Top Leadership know if a certain … Read More

Dumping Quickbooks

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Companies are moving away from on premise Accounting Software (Quickbooks Pro, Enterprise) to the cloud as it has matured. The trend for all companies is to move their software needs to a cloud solution providing mobile access to it’s workforce … Read More

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